This site is now closed.

Why did I finally decide to close it down….

  • This site has always been very high maintenance for a very low return
  • In the last few months there has been way to much childish bickering. Not a day goes by that I don’t get a few emails telling me about what one member said about another and how I should delete the mean, mean, member.  I’m not running a day care.
  • Many of our members believe that giving others low ratings is a way for them to get to the top. Again, I’m not going to run a daycare.
  • Some of our members seem to think the best use of their time is spent breaking into our members profiles and then sharing the information on how to do this with other members in the chat room.
  • Some of our members seem to think digging up information on me and my family, and sharing it with other in the chat room is a good use of their time.
  • All of the member information and images for the rating site has been deleted from the server.
  • No, I will not give you the contact information for the other member you fell madly in love with.
  • The chat room will stay up until I decide it is time to take it down.


Thank you and good bye.